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I need to... The App

The I Need To app is a replacement for what we had in 2010 called the 'I need to' web part. This app allows you to take that functionality a step further by easily grouping similar links together.

Privacy Notice: This SharePoint app does NOT collect or transmit user information.


  • Allows for link grouping
  • Allows for sorting of groups/links
  • Allows for Active/Inactive links for time temporary or 'seasonal' type links without having to always recreate.
  • Open links in new window or current window.


After you have installed the app you will have a new app in your site (below).

  1. Click on the app to open the App administration page.
    • Admin.png
  2. From this page, you simply add links to your list as needed using the custom list.
    • NewItem.png
  3. Your admin page will show you a preview of your 'I need to' app part on the admin page.
    • Preview.png
  4. Now we need to edit a host web page and add an app part to your page.
    • AddAppPart.png
  5. You now have the app part on your page!
    • SuccessApppart.png



11/25: Version has been released! This version tracks the clicks for each item in your list and provides a chart to show you analytics around your I need to links.