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Kameron BergetMy name is Kameron Berget and I am the Principal Consultant at The IT Factor Consulting. We offer consulting services around SharePoint and related technologies including Cloud and On Premises. We strive to create great relationships with our customers and help move SharePoint into a business critical system that is both collaborative and innovative.

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My 10 years working in the Information Technology industry has given me a vast array of experience. I have spent half of that time consulting on everything from SharePoint, Windows Server, SQL Server, Hyper-V, Active Directory, and Exchange. I was an IT Manager for six years where I had several responsibilities including management of three large SharePoint farms that hosted millions of documents, locations around the country and we were rapidly growing. We went from 200 million to 700 million in four short years.

My experience has given me vast knowledge in different industries. The common thread that ties all my experience together is people. Creating relationships, collaborating with each other on solutions, educating users and further innovating is my passion.

When you work with me you are guaranteed to get a passionate, dedicated consultant that is just as engaged in the end result as you are.

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